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The Geek Bar - A fun place to enjoy your favourite games, try new ones, and make new friends.

With over 350 games to choose from and you can play as many as you like.

Share your geeky side.


Dogs welcome!!



Alan (AKA Smiler) decided one day that he wanted to put his 2 passions together for others to enjoy; Board games and bartending, he runs the Harrogate Bartender doing mobile bar work and cocktail masterclasses, and his board game collection is huge (and still growing) with approximately 300 games. Alan has now started his dream and opened The Geek Bar in the beautiful town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

The bar has Alan's board game collection and a range of geeky named food and drinks such as the TMNT (it's a pizza hotdog, how cool is that?!?) and the sparkly Tinkerbell cocktail (they put glitter in a drink????), take a look at the menu to see what other clever names Alan and his friends came up with.

Unfortunately, after a long 22 months of struggling through Lockdowns and other issues, our landlord has decided that he would like the building back as he wishes to use the building for another purpose this is due to personal changes and the knock-on affect of the pandemic. He has been super reasonable about everything and we wish him luck with his new endeavour.

Understandably we are disappointed that we can no longer operate in the way but we are resilient (or stubborn) for the time being we have relocated our D&D sessions & our MTG Nights to our offices on Hornbeam Park its not the same but the show must go on.

We are currently looking for a new venue but also have a couple of things in the pipeline for next year so watch this space.

"Live Long and Prosper"

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Unit 6 The Harrogate Innovation Centre, Hornbeam House, Hornbeam Park Avenue, Harrogate HG2 8QT